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Priest-God Venne / Mar 17, 2015

After the Hans & Franz takedown last week, we discovered that Oregorger was an easier fight in terms of mechanics to eliminate, and as such set as the main target for this reset. After several attempts to get the spacing correct for the Retching Blackrock, it then came down to correct timings to get the large Goren to eat ore in the second phase in a correct order, while dodging flames and the roll itself!

All in all, Oregorger fell within 40 pulls. Which still leaves us as #2 on the realm in terms of progression, but it is still good for a 3x3 guild!

We also released our video of the Mythic Beastlord Darmac kill we achieved recently:

Priest-God Venne / Mar 10, 2015

We spent this reset going hard into Hans'gor and Franzok instead of going for the more arguably easier fight in Oregorger. We did this under the main presumption that once we get the Orc's dead we could turn to the overly large Goren and knock it over in double quick time and set our sights further into the instance.

Under the gaze of our new Raid Leader Zeket, who took the helm on this Mythic boss, guided Obscure to the Realm First kill on the Orcs with the accent in 62 pulls. Which is quite frankly fantastic work.

We are now equal in terms of Mythic kills with the competiton, with them currently working on Hans'gor and franzok, with us turning our attention to Oregorger. The race is definetely heating up on the merged server and will only be better and closer together as it continues!

We also released our video of the Mythic Ko'ragh kill that Obscure achieved recently:

Priest-God Venne / Mar 03, 2015

Beastlord has nearly died several times in the last reset. Numerous low-% pulls over a couple of progression days has finally ended up in a kill. It took us less than some of the server-wide competition, culminating in 14 pulls total.

With the recent Ko'ragh kill, the team now sits one kill behind the competition as we chose to go to Hans and Franz instead of Oregorger, but considering how easy the fight looks, Oregorger should go down relatively quickly once we get there.

Congratulations to the team on the recent kills.

We also today released our Heroic Warlord Blackhand kill video:

Priest-God Venne / Mar 02, 2015

During a shaky night, the team went into Highmaul and continued the Mythic campaign where they were very close to bringing down the Ogre Sorcerer. The extra gear from Foundry and a lot of confidence meant that Obscure finally gained the missing 6th kill in Highmaul and finally opening the way to Imperator where we will no doubt continue our conquest down the line.

The team returned to Foundry to continue the campaign and nearly pulled off a Beastlord kill shortly afterwards, so no doubt that will be coming soon!

Congratulations to the team on the hard work!

We recently also posted the two missing Mythic kills from back in January: Tectus and The Butcher!

Priest-God Venne / Feb 23, 2015

It's been a long few nights on Warlord Blackhand. We've had everything in Blackrock Foundry on Heroic cleared for the past two resets and the only thing that has eluded us, is the Blackhand kill.

Tonight, that was no longer the case.

It took a variety of attempts, varying from a flexible 25 to our final 20 man. A variety of tactics as well, but in the end it just required clarity of perception and after 67 pulls, the Warlord of the Blackrock clan lies defeated and broken within his crucible.

Now, we turn our eye towards the Mythic progression again, both within Foundry and the two bosses that still lie in Highmaul.
Priest-God Venne / Jan 21, 2015

After the defeat of Brackenspore we turned our eyes upon Tectus and began working out the best way to deal with his many, MANY abilities.

Movement is very key for this fight we found, as you'll either block alot of the raid positions off with bad placements of all Tectus' different abilities.

Nethertheless, Tectus is now defeated and we have turned our eyes to the remaining three bosses remaining in Highmaul with two resets left to go until Foundry opens, Obscure is pushing to clear Highmaul before it happens.

Can we do it? We'll endeavour to do so!
Priest-God Venne / Jan 12, 2015

A festive break and a combined 42 Mythic pulls later we have defeated the bog beast of Highmaul!

When we first tackled Brackenspore before our festive break we felt that we were missing something. Be it gear, the amount of healers we brought in. On our first proper Mythic evening back we achieved pulls of both 50% and some sub-40%. Tonight, after a few tightenings, we managed to kill Brackenspore in a relatively clean fashion!

Great work to the team on another mythic kill! Obscure continues to stand top of the server with 3/7 Mythic kills in Highmaul!