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DOMINATED! - Mythic Imperator Mar'gok Realm First kill & Flamebender Ka'graz video released!

Priest-God Venne / Apr 08, 2015

Obscure stepped back into Highmaul recently as to not repeat the missed kills in the first tier as we did in Mists of Pandaria. On the first night working on Imperator Mar'gok, we got several low % pulls on the ogre himself and even a glimpse into phase 4. Our second evening on the boss saw us get even further and walk away with a realm first kill on the Ogre leader!

The Realm First kill places us within the top 1K bracket in the world, with every new boss kill we now gain getting us better and better.

We also released the video of our first kill of Flamebender Ka'graz. Take a look below:



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