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TWO FOR ONE! - Mythic Flamebender Ka'graz & Mythic Gruul defeated + Hans'gar and Franzok Video released!

Priest-God Venne / Mar 25, 2015

The recent reset has proved fruitful! Obscure went in with a plan to take out Flamebender Ka'graz and also killed Mythic Gruul with minimal effort it felt like.

Obscure now, once again, stands even with the competition, and has even had low % pulls on Kromog witha better plan in place going forward, so hopefully we can nab that kill too!

We also released our Hans'gar and Franzok kill video today. You can view it below:



flamebender "kagraz" but w/ a ninja on that pic, u cant find me :>
I stood the wrong way on Gruul photo :(

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