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Priest-God Venne / Apr 29, 2015

As promised in the last news post, The iron Maidens have fallen before Obscure's mighty mythic campaign. We first attempted a two boat strategy, but after seeing the final burn phase a few times, we switched the plan to a three boat strategy and progress was made to achieve the realm first kill within a total of 50 pulls!

Congrats to the team on keeping Obscure top of the realm. We know set our sights on Blast Furnace and then, to Blackhand himself!
Priest-God Venne / Apr 15, 2015

Choo choo folks. The fat orc conductor lays dead at Obscure's feet. 43 pulls saw us defeat the latest Mythic encounter in Blackrock Foundry. While being narrowly bested to the realm first kill, Obscure still stands top of the server due to our latest kill of Imperator. We now turn our eyes to the last three fights in Blackrock Foundry, starting with the Iron Maidens.

We also released the video of our first kill of Gruul. Take a look below:

Priest-God Venne / Apr 08, 2015

Obscure stepped back into Highmaul recently as to not repeat the missed kills in the first tier as we did in Mists of Pandaria. On the first night working on Imperator Mar'gok, we got several low % pulls on the ogre himself and even a glimpse into phase 4. Our second evening on the boss saw us get even further and walk away with a realm first kill on the Ogre leader!

The Realm First kill places us within the top 1K bracket in the world, with every new boss kill we now gain getting us better and better.

We also released the video of our first kill of Flamebender Ka'graz. Take a look below:

Priest-God Venne / Apr 01, 2015

The Legend of the Mountain that is Kromog has fallen before the might of Obscure's mythic Blackrock Foundry campaign! Within 36 pulls the massive breaker lay defeated and his loots were ours.

The biggest problem the group came across was making sure the three pillars to handle the mythic only ability died in time. But, the group overcame this and now Obscure has set it's sights toward the final boss in Highmaul: Imperator Mar'gok.

With the latest kill, Obscure reclaims the top spot on the Moonglade merged server and have obtained a close to top 1000 world ranking. A kill on Imperator at this stage would knock us below that!

We also released our Oregorger kill video today. you can view it below:

Priest-God Venne / Mar 25, 2015

The recent reset has proved fruitful! Obscure went in with a plan to take out Flamebender Ka'graz and also killed Mythic Gruul with minimal effort it felt like.

Obscure now, once again, stands even with the competition, and has even had low % pulls on Kromog witha better plan in place going forward, so hopefully we can nab that kill too!

We also released our Hans'gar and Franzok kill video today. You can view it below: