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Hellfire assault
Hellfire assault can be looked as the new Galakras fight.
There are a few things worth going over.

Our goal is to break the door that leads us to epic phat loot. The way we do this is by killing alot of adds and different siege vehicles.

Types of adds

Siegemaster Tar'mak - has different abbilities and will be burned down (focused) at the start of the fight

Iron dragoon - Random add, cleave it with the rest of the adds

Hulking Beserker - Big beserker, the two tanks will be tank swapping since he has a debuff, cleave with the rest of the mobs.

Gorebound Felcasters (PRIORITY) - these adds cast different abilities, the main one being the volley, we want that interrupted asap to avoid raid wide damage. at 30% HP the add will transform into a metamorphis and start doing uninterruptable volleys until it dies. these adds will be marked with a skull and will have prio so as soon as it turns we kill it.
Note that WE DO NOT want to have two metamorphised adds up at the same time, so if there's two felcasters up we push one down and kill it before killing the next one.

Engineer - Small goblin creatures that will be cleaved with the rest of the adds. The difference here is that the engineers will be casting bombs on the ground so make sure you get away from those before they explode.

Siege engines (PRIORITY) - These siege engines only goal is to stop us from breaching the door, meaning that the will try to stop the cannons we are using. These together with the felcasters will always be our priority, mainly siege engines though. There are different types, and will get explained in the raid rather than here (Please do read up on them in the dungeon journal)

Way we deal with the fight

The fight is done in two phases.

Phase 1

Phase 1 starts off with siegemaster Tar'mak and one each of the adds, we will nuke down Tar'mak (HEROISM) before dealing with the rest of the adds, after that we kill the adds in the order we need to starting phase 2

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a simple Galakras add fight, we deal with the various adds in the order and priorities. every 45-60 seconds a siege engine will show up, we will nuke the siege engines. The siege engines are dropping ammunition that we need for our cannons. We will most likely have Ollopa picking these up or Zerach. we simply rince and repeat until the door is broken and we have beaten the encounter

Priority list
Siege Engine (when up)
NOTE: Beserkers, Engineers and dragoons will be cleaved down.

simple straight fight with alot of adds, as long as we make sure that we kill felcasters nice and easy along with siege engines it will be a easy kill.
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Hellfire assault From Ivresse.


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Iron Reaver

Consider Iron Reaver as a 2.0 version of XT


Unstable orb
Iron Reaver will throw out unstable orb on raiders burning targets within 8 yards. This means that the raid will have to spread roughly 8 yards apart to avoid killing fellow raiders. (Make sure you have range indicators on)

Iron Reaver will do a barrage in a players direction. This barrage is a cone attack, this means that people should not be 40 yards away from the boss as the cone will be wider the longer out you are, so make sure you are fairly close to the boss so it is easier for you to avoid the barrage.

Iron Reaver will pound the ground dealing damage to the entire raid, healing cooldowns will most likely be used here, but make sure you use your personals aswell.

Iron Reaver picks a target, takes a step back and charges that player picking up every other player in in the path, make sure that if he faces your way that you side step it as it does a fair amount of damage. Note that the boss will charge back to the tank tanking him at that point so make sure that you do not go back into the path until boss is back at the tank.

Iron Reaver will put Artillery on current tank, tanks tank swap and the tank with artillery runs away in the distance and explodes the artillery by him self (alot like mark of chaos in HM) the explosion is a 30-40 yard radius so raiders make sure you are not close to the tank at that point.

The fight

Phase 1

Heroism will be used at the start of the fight, ranged will spread out around the boss, make sure you are 8 yards apart from eachother, do not go to far out so the barrage becomes undodgeable. Do not get hit by barrage and blitz. Make sure you have personals ready for pounding as it will hurt. Tanks will tank swap and run away with the artillery. ranged/melee make sure you have range indicators so you can see if you are out of range of the artillery explosion. deal with the abillities until Reaver hits 100 Rage

Phase 2

Iron Reaver will have a small flight, while he is in the air he takes 99% less damage from all sources, so ranged do not bother hitting him it will be useless.

The artillery will now hit 3 random members instead of the tanks. these 3 players will have to get as far away from the raid as possible so we do not get killed by the explosions. the boss will cast oil spots on the ground which will slow you, few moments later he will set these oil spots on fire creating a line of fire. (NOTE that if you stand in between oil spots you will not take damage from the actual fire coming down, it may look so visually but you are in no harm standing in between them as fire lands.

While he is in the air he will drop down bombs, these bombs are main priority in this Phase, make sure we get the bombs down before the explode.

A big swirly circle will appear, the boss will land there shortly after, make sure noone is in this circle as he lands.

When he lands phase 1 will begin again and you just rince and repeat.

Fight can seem chaotic but it is straight forward as long as you know all the abillities.

Heroism at start

Ground phase
large conal attacks - don't be in africa. NEARER = EASIER TO MOVE OUT.
tank swap runaway from raid ASAP (like mark of choas)
avoid charge
avoid standing to the marked area where tanks are Exploding.

Air Phase
ALL RAIDERS - Run far out of raid for Artillery (Arrow on your head) - FAR FAR AWAY.
Immolation causes damage if you are standing in OIL
Move out of slam when he lands.
kill adds (volatile firebombs) - OR THEY WILL KILL THE RAID
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This starts at approx 51 minute mark. A few of notes while watching this.

Adds coming upto Kormrok can be deadly. burn down hunter add. spread for slag bombs.


Basic ability.
Explosive runes - soak them for good of raid.
Grapsing hands - spread out, 4 yard spread. AOE em down.
Fel outpouring - purple waves dodge em.

Pound - Aoe damage.

Empowered abilities (based on nearest puddle)

EMPOWERED EXPLOSIVE RUNES- New runes spawns infront of you. Don't spawn on top of each other - so arrange this. Keep spawning them into each other.
Tanks Rooted - everyone move away.

EMPOWERED - Pulls you to nearest puddle. all stand so the nearest one is the same puddle. So you can dragged to the same one.

EMPOWERED FEL OUTPOURING - More waves from all 3 pools. Safespots maybe near entrance next to yellow.
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Hellfire Council


Tank Gurtog and Blademaster together for Cleave
Dia Apart

in Video they Pushed Gurtog at 30% with Heroism, then Blademaster and then Dia.

- Bloodboil - furthest 5 targets (ranged)
- Acidic Wound - tank swap, lines up with felrage
- Fel rage - fixate on a player, run back to Melee clump. Good point for a tank swap.
- Final hour 30% - Reduces raids hp by 10% stacking. Heroism down.

- Fel Blade - dodge it, green arrow indicating direction
- felstorm - raid damage.
- windwalk - dps mirror images ASAP
- Final hour 30%. Damage stacking, continues after his death.

Dia Darkwhisper
- Void haze - can't tank dia next to other bosses. Makes them immune to damage. So move her away.
- Mark of the necromancer - On dispell it moves to 2 players (dispell at 60K to avoid spreading it to much)
- Reap - Spawns runes for Mark of necromancer people - drop them at side of room
- Wailing - ghosts streak across the room, removes mark of necro
- Needs interupters
- Final Hour, half raid get Mark of Necromancer - no more wailing.

Worldofmoudi guide...
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Kilrogg deatheye

This starts at approx 1hr 37 minute mark. A few of notes while watching this.

Bloodseaker - Targets one player. Spawns blood that moves towards boss and does massive AOE. So MOVE FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE, DPS focus blood (Ranged at first). ALSO SPAWNS BLOOD FROM ANY OTHER PLAYER HIT.

Death throes - forms Ground effect on Ranged. MOVE.

- Hulking Terror - face away from raid. Melee Kill.
- Bloodthisters - can turn into Hulking Terrors if they reach the bloodpool. RANGED DPS killem.

Visions of death (Ala NORUSHEN) - form in line where boss is facing.
- healer and DPS buffs (First one 3 DPS, then send 1 healer and 2 DPS)
- Debuff - can't go in again.
- Imps exploded
- when one person 'dies' in vision. ppl get ported out.

Ranged - Bloods then Bloodthirster
Melee - Hulking and Blood (if near)

Guide here
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Great work Storm, thanks. The FB videos above are obviously all PTR ones - you can click from these through to the "live" version, or alternatively I've linked the Playlist below:
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Yeah whispers also posted some excellent summery videos here:
Hellfire Citadel, Addons, Weak Auras 2, Boss Fights Videosī˜Š...
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