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So, who are we?
Obscure is a Mythic raiding guild on The Sha'tar EU server. Established on the day of Wrath launch (November 13th 2008) by a core of veteran players, Obscure quickly became one of the top raiding guilds on the server. Throughout the expansions we have climbed both the server and the world rankings, all while raiding only three nights a week and maintaining strong social bonds.

When do we raid?
We raid on Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays from 1945 – 2300. While we occasionally do a “clean up” raid on Tuesdays or extend our raid for “1 last pull” if we're closing in on a new progression boss we do not raid extra progression days, ever.

What are our goals?
Our goal for MoP was to compete with the best 3x3 25-man raiding guilds in the world. We did that fairly successfully and ended MoP with a West 25-man rank of 243. We plan to carry on the trend of climbing the ranks when the playing field is levelled in WoD with Mythic Raiding.

What do we expect from our applicants/trialsts and, by extension, our raiders?
We expect you to come to raids fully prepared. This means knowing both your class and the fight inside out. Raiding only 9 hours a week means we just don't have time to brute-force an encounter – we focus on preparation, team-work and skill. This also means that you are expected to attend the vast majority of our raid days.

What we look for in potential new raiders?
# Mythic(Heroic) raiding experience in current and/or prior tiers.
# Gemming, glyphing, enchanting and speccing that indicates thorough knowledge of your class.
# A desire to constantly improve and be the best. We're not interested in people who are happy to settle for second place.
# Very high situational/spatial awareness.
# Full raid preparation
# Good raid discipline
# Warcraft Logs. These are non-optional.

Whilst the above isn't a -must have- list to gain a trial with us, it's a decent check-list. However, we've been known to take in undergeared/underexperienced players whom have simply blown us away with their class knowledge and ability. Have confidence! Impress us!

What can our trialists expect from us?
A mature guild environment, which fundamentally means polite and drama-free. It doesn't mean we never swear, it doesn't mean we don't dissolve into fits of laughter at immature jokes like a bunch of thirteen year olds on occasion. However, it does mean things like homophobic or racist comments are beyond our range of experience. We treat each other, and everyone else on the server, with respect.

From a raiding perspective, “mature” means a stable raiding schedule. It means we don't massively over-recruit, but it also means that if you're having a bad night and standing in fire that you generally ask to be replaced before the raid leader does it. "Mature" means that while we sometimes use "serious voice" you're not going to be screamed at for making a mistake, although you are expected to own it. We don't have a squad of 50+ raiders, we don't recruit -for- the bench. However, if you're looking for a guild where you're never benched for any reason – this isn't it.

Furthermore we have an active and social guild environment. We're looking for mature, intelligent people who are good social fits; it's okay if you're shy, it's not okay if you're causing drama.

It all sounds great!! How do I apply?!
Hit the Apply button in the top right corner! Additionally, feel free to add my battletag (Ariyanah#2232) for a chat about the guild!
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